We have been based in Waldenburg since 1882. We have had a strong partner in Germany since the 90s. Two companies, one drive: you!

RERO is a company that was founded in 1882 by Henrich Tschopp in the small town of Waldenburg. With 100 employees and over 140 years of experience, RERO is one of the largest and oldest metal processing companies in Switzerland. It offers a wide range of surface processing in the areas of electroplating, anodising, electropolishing and mechanical processing.

Multi-Veredelung GmbH in Schliengen is a modern and efficient company with many years of experience in surface processing. With a small, specialised team and modern equipment, “Multi” has been finishing parts for the electronics, automotive, and train industries for over 25 years.

Both companies offer services that go far beyond classic surface processing, with technical advice, various machining processes, and the fulfilment of customer-specific special requests.

RERO AG, Waldenburg
Hauptstrasse 96
4437 Waldenburg

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