- A long time ago ...

... in 1876, a gilder by the name of Voirol had established himself in Waldenburg, with whom Heinrich “Heiri” Tschopp was apprenticed. Heiri also followed him to western Switzerland – the heart of the watchmaking industry at the time.

Time and again, the then rapidly developing Thommen watch factory approached Heiri and urged him to come back to Waldenburg after all and set up a gilding workshop for the watch factory there. Eventually, Heiri and his family packed up their belongings to move back to Waldenburg.

This is how the foundation stone of today's RERO AG was laid in Waldenburg in 1882, and it was through watch gilding that precision and customer proximity became part of RERO's DNA.

Today, RERO employs almost 100 people from 16 different nations and has been managed by the fifth generation of the family since 2015.

Since then, many goals have been achieved: The machinery facilities were enlarged and modernised and the existing company building was generously extended. Water consumption has been reduced by 50%. A separate medical technology line has been created and certified. RERO has advanced digitalisation and Industry 4.0 in its operations with the introduction of a modern ERP system.

As a result, today RERO AG is more modern and successful than ever before and one step closer to its vision to be THE electroplating company in Switzerland – solidifying the company as the best partner for surface processing.


Start of a long tradition

Heinrich Tschopp laid the foundation stone of today's RERO AG in the middle of the small town of Waldenburg. He worked exclusively for the watch industry.


First results

The location was moved a few hundred metres and a new building was erected. RERO continues to manufacture at this location to this day.


RERO in the 1920s

The company prospered and was able to expand.

Blank 2 Grids Collage

First generation change

Heinrich Tschopp's sons took over the management of RERO. The name RERO was created from the first two letters of their first names - Reinhold and Robert.

Reinhold 1954

The son's taking over

Reinhold's son - who was also called Reinhold - assumed management of the company for the third generation.

RERO Gebäude 3

Growth needs space

RERO was generously expanded. The anodising and electropolishing processes were added to the range and still represent important pillars in RERO's product range today.

1965 trucks

Close to the customer

Customer proximity was already part of the strategy at the time. In the present, RERO still maintains its own fleet of trucks to better serve its customers.

Untitled 1

Another upgrade

The strategy is paying off! The building was significantly expanded once again.

Rolf und Reinhold 2 0


The two brothers Reinhold and Rolf Tschopp assume management of RERO as the fourth generation.


Karl Haas & CO AG

Acquisition of the Karl Haas company in Reinach. Unfortunately, the Karl Haas company had to file for insolvency in 2003.

9001 gm de

ISO 9001

RERO undergoes certification of its management system and receives the ISO 9001 certificate.

MV Logo

A partnership

RERO founds a joint venture with the former Multi-Contact in Schliengen, Germany: Multi-Veredelung GmbH.

Logo ISO14001 SQS en

Part of the solution

Aware that we only have one planet, our processes are revised and certified in accordance with ISO 14001. Since then, sustainability and resource awareness have become part of the company's philosophy.

9230703 23 9 21 def Foto Guido Schärli

Two cousins

The fifth generation takes the helm with the two cousins Thomas and Adrian Tschopp. A separate line is created for medical technology.

6291779 29 6 21 def ret Foto Guido Schärli

If you don't go forwards you go backwards...

The machine park is expanded and modernised with two new fully automatic machines. An additional recirculating water system is installed to further reduce the consumption of the highly valuable resource – water.

RERO 2021 2

New appearance!

The expanded company building was opened. RERO shines in new splendour!


Medical technology gains importance

The MedTech-Line was certified according to ISO 13485 to gain more security in treatment of medicinal parts.

Old book open wooden table

To be continued...